Team 2010

Attendance Record 2010

Chang-Hua Senior Commercial School

Chang-Hua Senior Industrial School

Chang-Hua Senior High School

Lu-Kang Senior High School

Tai-Tung Girls’ Senior High School

Tai-Tung Senior High School

Chang-Tai Junior High School

Yang-Ming Junior High School

Er-Chong Junior HighSchool

Bei-Pu Junior High School

Min-Sheng Elementary School

Chung-Hsiao Elememtary School

Chung-Shan  Elementary School

Tai-Tung Senior Commercial School

Hsien-Hsi Junior High School

Ping-Nan  Junior High School

Shin-Sheng Junior High School

Bau-Sun Junior High School

Nan-Hsing Elememtary School

Ping-Huo ElememtarySchool

Zhi-Ben Elementary School

Cyong-Lin Elementary School 

Bits of Episodes onSummer Camp


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